Star Decor To Hang On A Barn

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Star Decor To Hang On A Barn

23 January 2023
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A barn star may be perceived as a good luck charm and is often used to adorn the top of a barn. If you recently purchased farmland and have high hopes of being prosperous, shop for star decor that will enhance your barn. 

Barn Star Designs

A barn star may feature a five-pointed design or a rounded design. Ceramics, wood varieties, paint, clay, and glaze may be used to design decor products that are durable and suited for being hung up on the exterior of a structure. Before you adorn your barn, decide upon the placement strategies that you will use when decorating the barn. If the barn was freshly-painted, you may want to shop for a wooden star that has been painted with a color shade that is complementary to the fresh paint that was used to cover the barn siding.

One barn star can be used to accent the very top of the barn. This traditional decor style is often displayed on many modern and rustic barn structures. If you would like to use a more custom approach, you may want to shop for a decor set that contains a mix of large and small stars. One large star can be anchored along the top of the barn. The smaller decor pieces can be used to adorn the door, windows, or trim that comprises the front of the barn.

Hanging Strategies

When shopping for barn stars, consider the weight of each product you view. You will need to purchase hardware that will be durable enough to secure a weighted item. Some star products may contain veining or other weathering techniques that will be complementary to an older barn style. If you chose to leave the barn unpainted and appreciate the classic look of the structure, a weathered barn star style will mesh well with the design of the barn.

Before you hang up the star, place a tape measure, hardware, and a hammer or drill inside of a bucket. Use the bucket to transport the items up a ladder. Use an even amount of hardware to secure the star firmly to the front of the structure. If you aren't comfortable with climbing to a high height during the installation process, get someone to spot you while you are securing the decor. A barn star product may contain a reflective coating or a UV-resistant coating that will preserve the appearance of the decoration.

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