3 Costume Jewlery Accessories You Could Make Extra Money Selling

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3 Costume Jewlery Accessories You Could Make Extra Money Selling

27 July 2022
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If you have a collection of costume jewelry, you could find jewelry buyers online who will purchase the jewelry and send you money for the pieces. While items like necklaces, rings, and brooches can fetch you a lot of money, you can find ways to add extra profits to each sale you make.

Along with the jewelry itself, vintage costume jewelry buyers will pay you for specific accessories associated with the jewelry. Read through this quick guide to learn about what accessories they look for and will pay you for.

1. Jewelry Boxes

The boxes that jewelry comes in can have some extra value on the items you sell. Look for boxes with mint condition, no tear, and little wear. Boxes with company labels may be worth more to buyers. When you ship out the jewelry you sell, you could pack the items right in the boxes. Find boxes that match the jewelry you plan to send.

2. Trinket Boxes

Along with individual boxes, you may have larger boxes you kept costume jewelry in. Larger trinket boxes could include intricate details and raw materials like wood and metal. Antique boxes could help you earn more money. In cases with bigger boxes, some companies may want to see the boxes first before you ship the larger item out.

Take detailed pictures to try and get an estimate or to see if the box is worth selling.

3. Jewelry Pieces

Costume jewelry collections can really build up over the years. Over time, some pieces may break or you could end up with just parts. A costume jewelry buyer may have some interest in those items for restoration or repair on other items.

As you browse through your collection, look for pieces with missing stones or elements. You may have the back of brooches without a face. Sometimes those backs could include valuable materials like silver or gold. You could also own the opposite like brooch faces without the back attached.

You may not get to wear those pieces on a regular basis, but you could make money for them anyway. Do not just assume an item is garbage because you do not know the value perceived by others. Collect all the broken pieces together and see what the buyer currently needs or offers money for.

When you inquire about costume jewelry selling, you can receive a kit in the mail with a postage envelope to easily send out the jewelry and receive a full-price estimate. For more information, contact vintage costume jewelry buyers near you.