Balloon Bonanza: Three Tips To Creating The Perfect Balloon Arch

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Balloon Bonanza: Three Tips To Creating The Perfect Balloon Arch

28 April 2022
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Nothing says celebration more than balloons. Seen at countless birthday parties, graduations, and weddings, balloons are a fantastic and time-honored tradition to display for special occasions. Balloon arches have made quite the impact when it comes to decorating for events, and creating one of your own is now easier than ever. Here are three tips to help you create the balloon arch of your dreams!

Planning Ahead

Whether you're creating a balloon arch from scratch or purchasing a ready-to-assemble kit, give yourself plenty of time beforehand to get it set up. You'd be surprised at how much goes into creating a balloon arch, even if you are given all the components, so be sure to plan accordingly. Sketch out a few ideas of how you'd like the balloon arch to look and compile a list of examples that you'd like to take inspiration from. Depending on the size of the arch you'd like to create, you'll need to undoubtedly be ready to blow up a lot of balloons! Using a pump will greatly assist you in this process, making the job go faster and saving your breath at the same time! 

A Complementary Palette 

Choosing the right colors can make or break your balloon arch. First, consider the overall theme you're going for. A birthday party for a young toddler, for example, could showcase bright primary colors! An engagement celebration, on the other hand, could feature soft warm pinks and neutrals for a romantic feel that is not too overwhelming. If you'd like to keep your balloon arch in a monochrome theme, add pops of lighter and darker shades to help accentuate the finished product. Using these complementary shades, even for a single color, can help bring the illusion of light and shadow to your final product. 

Shape Shifter

While balloon arches are mostly known to be in an arch, the truth is that you don't need to limit yourself to this shape! Have fun with this project and create a balloon spiral, a circle, or curved lines that perfectly fits the mood you're trying to convey. A slightly curved balloon arch that features soft neutrals, for example, would make for a wonderful backdrop for a more elegant affair. Fun shapes including circles and triangles, on the other hand, would work perfectly for parties and festive occasions! The end result is up to you, so have fun and throw around a few ideas to see what shape would look the best. 

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