3 Tips for Running a Successful Online Product Distribution Company

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3 Tips for Running a Successful Online Product Distribution Company

21 April 2021
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The Internet has changed the way that many consumers shop. Statistics show that 75% of consumers shop online at least once per month. This high volume of traffic has made online product distribution one of the most lucrative new business ventures available to entrepreneurs.

Use these tips to help you set up a wholesale product distribution company that will become successful over time.

1. Automate Your Inventory Control

Online product distributors handle a high volume of products on any given day. Tracking sales and managing inventory levels manually leave a lot of room for error. You should automate your inventory control with a quality software if you want your company to be successful.

Inventory control software automatically deducts sales from multiple online sources as they occur. This keeps inventory numbers accurate at all times. Whenever inventory levels dip below a set amount, an order form will automatically be sent to your vendor by the software program. Automation helps reduce error and ensure that you always have the product you need available in your warehouse.

2. Optimize Order Fulfillment

Today's customers expect fast delivery for products they order online. This means that you must be able to receive an order, pick the right products off warehouse shelves, package the order, and send the order within a matter of days. To achieve this goal, you will need to optimize your fulfillment process. Digitizing label printing can be a simple way to streamline this process.

You may also want to consider partnering with a drop shipper as you work to establish your company. Drop shipping eliminates the need for your company to spend time and money on the fulfillment process since a drop shipper will send goods from a third-party location on your behalf.

3. Stock Quality Products

You must select the products that you will offer as an online wholesale product distribution company carefully. Many new companies make the mistake of thinking they can compete based on price. While wholesale distributors can offer an affordable product, it isn't in your best interest to undercut the competition by too much when setting price points. Eventually, someone will come along and offer the same product for less. Choose to compete based on quality instead. If you offer a quality product at a reasonable price, your customers are sure to return to make additional purchases in the future. 

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