The Etiquette Of Visiting A Dispensary

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The Etiquette Of Visiting A Dispensary

18 June 2020
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Visiting different kinds of businesses comes with different etiquette expectations. For example, it would be considered good etiquette to tip at a restaurant, but not at a hardware store. Since marijuana dispensaries are a rather new type of business, you may not yet be familiar with the type of etiquette expected of you when you visit. But indeed, there are some rules and guidelines you should follow when visiting a dispensary.

1. Offer your identification at the door.

You are required to have identification proving your age in order to enter any dispensary in the United States. (You have to be over 21 to enter.) It is considered good etiquette to already have your ID out and ready to present when you get to the door so that the employee does not have to ask for it and wait for you to take it out. If you are a medical marijuana patient, have your medical card out and ready to present at the door, too.

2. Don't hog the budtender's time.

The budtender is there to answer your questions about the product, but it is considered impolite to take up too much of their time. They have other customers to serve, too! Do a little research before you visit the dispensary so you have a general idea of what you want. This way, you can ask the budtender a couple of simple questions about specific strains, rather than asking the very open, general question, "what do you recommend."

3. Keep your phone away.

Since marijuana is still in a complicated place legally — at least on the federal level — most dispensaries do not want any photos taken inside their shops. They also don't want photos taken and potentially shared with competitors. For this reason, it is considered proper to keep your phone stashed away while you're inside. Your calls and texts can wait.

4. Tip the budtender.

You don't have to leave 15 or 20% like you would leave a server, but budtenders do appreciate tips, especially when they have spent time answering questions and helping you personally. Leaving a dollar or two is fine for a smaller order. If you buy more, leaving about $5 is appropriate.

When you visit a dispensary, adhering to these etiquette guidelines will help ensure everyone is happy and at ease. After a few visits, you'll feel like you fit right in.

Contact a local dispensary for more information.