Ways To Sleep Cooler At Night

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Ways To Sleep Cooler At Night

27 June 2019
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On hot summer nights, you may find it difficult to sleep because your room and your bed are too hot. Overheating at night has a profound effect on your quality of sleep and be a source of frustration. However, there are things you can do to help cool down your body, including the use of a gel-infused latex mattress. Here are some tips on sleeping cooler without air conditioning.

Use Cooler Bedding

Certain types of bedding, such as those made with cotton or bamboo rayon, are more breathable and lightweight. They allow air to flow through instead of trapping it against your skin. You can even choose cooler comforters and blankets as well. Cotton also helps to absorb sweat without heating you up.

Change Your Pillow

Some pillow types are designed specifically to be cooler. Those with gel-infused memory foam and latex tend to work the best with cooling. There are also vented pillows and even certain types of feather pillows that can also help.

Keep Curtains/Blinds Closed During the Day

Try using room-darkening curtains and blinds and keeping them closed during the day. These heavy curtains prevent light from entering the room and heating it up. Another tip is to only have the window open early in the day before the sun hits that side of the building and then to close it for the rest of the day.

Use a Fan

A combination of techniques can be used with a fan to help you stay cool. In some cases, putting the fan inside an open window at night helps draw cooler air into the room. Another technique is to put something cool, like a pan full of ice, in front of the fan so that the air is cooled as it passes over the ice.

Invest in a Cooler Mattress

Some mattresses, such as standard memory foam, are notorious for running a bit hot. However, a gel-infused latex mattress, especially one with hybrid technology, may be able to help. These mattresses use gel material instead of foam to provide support, and they tend to warm up more slowly and dissipate heat better than other mattresses. On top of that, the latex material is all-natural and eco-friendly.

While individual results may vary, following these techniques should help keep your bed and bedroom cooler. If you feel that your current mattress system is actually making things hotter, then you may want to invest in something new like a gel-infused latex mattress. For more information about this kind of mattress, contact a gel-infused latex mattress dealer or manufacturer, such as Euro-Flex.