Table Decor Ideas For A French-Inspired Special Event

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Table Decor Ideas For A French-Inspired Special Event

23 January 2019
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A French-inspired theme will give special events a charming and elegant feel, especially when you use authentic-looking decor pieces, such as table linens, which are often the focal point of venues. You can easily change the look of any table, no matter how basic it is, using French tablecloths, cloth napkins, and other items. 

This theme will enhance  a wide variety of events, including both child and adult birthday parties, family holiday celebrations, bridal and baby showers, anniversaries, and other romantic soirees. 

French table linens are known for their dusty blue and bright yellow colors, reminiscent of the countryside, as well as their floral motifs. Like the shabby chic decor style, French country chic blends both luxurious and casual elements, such as high-quality fabrics with whimsical designs and solidly built furniture with a timeworn appearance. 

Here are some table decor ideas for your next celebration:

1. Table Linens 

If you're planning the even on a limited budget, set some money aside for an eye-catching tablecloth, which will welcome guests to lunch or dinner. Look for blue or yellow tablecloths featuring bold garden-inspired designs, including greenery, cabbage roses and daises in vibrant shades for pink, orange and red. 

For a more subdued appearance, go for a classic toile pattern in any color you desire. Delicate toile motifs typically depict French countryside farm life, combining both a rustic and elegant look. You can also find floral toile patterns as well. 

Other French-inspired table linen design ideas include red roosters, lavender sprigs or plants, apples or grapes, which is ideal for events that take place in vineyards. If you want to use patterned cloth napkins instead, go for opt for tablecloths in solid shades of blue, yellow, white or gold. To complement patterned tablecloths, stick with coordinating solid-color cloth napkins.

2. Centerpieces

After choosing the perfect table linens, finish off the look with a coordinating centerpiece. Keep it simple by filling white ceramic pitchers with lavender sprigs, or large wooden bowls with either fresh or realistic-looking faux fruit.

Additional French-inspired centerpiece ideas include crystal glass vases filled with a mix of sweet pink cabbage roses and purple and white hyacinth, or an antique wire birdcage housing pillar candles in assorted sizes.

For a Parisian flair, place fresh flower bouquets in Eiffel-tower shaped vases. You can also fill a large glass bowl with pastel-hued macarons, which guests can also put into individual bags and take home as favors.