Are You Hosting A Party For Your Friend Who Is Turning Fifty?

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Are You Hosting A Party For Your Friend Who Is Turning Fifty?

11 June 2018
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It's those decade birthdays that bring different feelings with them, don't you think? When you were a kid, turning the big ten years old meant that you had two digits in how many years you were. When you turned twenty years old that meant you were leaving the teen years behind. Thirty might have been the year when you thought something like, I'm truly a grown up!  See how those decade birthdays just have something different about them?

Now that you are hosting a birthday party for your friend who is turning fifty years old, you can have a world of fun in the preparation and at the party itself. From sending out great invitations to buying joke gifts, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a very special event for your very OLD friend!

The Invitations - You can really have fun with sending the invitations to friends and family members who will be honoring your friend who is turning fifty years old. The front of the invitation might have a picture of your friend when he or she was a tiny baby or a little child. Words on the front of the invitation might say something like, Wasn't This A Cute Kid? Another idea is to write the words Big 5-O on the front of the party invitation and add words like Are We Celebrating Or Mourning Our Friend? 

Whatever you do for the invitation, be sure to let the recipients know that your friend is turning fifty years old. Encourage them to bring gifts that are funny to add to the fun at the party. In addition, you could choose one very nice group gift that your friend will actually use. For example, if your friend is a golfer, the group could give him a new golf club or a new golf bag. 

The Event - Think of having big posters with words like BIG FIFTY, ANCIENT, AS OLD AS A DINOSAUR, and COMING TO YOU FROM THE OLDEN DAYS posted in strategic parts of the party area. And, for sure allow enough time for your friend to open his or her gifts in front of the group. You'll probably see things like geriatric vitamins, comical thick reading glasses, a toy cane, and other gag gifts that will bring hoots of laughter from the honored birthday person and from your guests. And, don't forget to toast the honored guests with silly toasts. 

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