A Few Tips For Talking With Your Partner About Sex Toys

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A Few Tips For Talking With Your Partner About Sex Toys

1 September 2017
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The intimate relations between you and your partner should be special, arousing, fulfilling, and private. Sometimes, no matter how well partnered the two of you are in bed things get a little too familiar. Even though it feels great, it might be a bit boring, or seem to be getting that way. You may want to discuss making a few changes. Perhaps you can add some roleplay into your bedroom, or try out some sex toys. However, talking about these things can be difficult and embarrassing – even though they don't have to be. Here are a few tips to help keep the fires burning hotly.


While it might be tempting to whip out a crystal jellies ballsy pink dildo without any warning, it is probably not going to be a good idea. If you really want to make a few changes, you should talk about it before doing anything. Start the discussion when you are both relaxed, but not when things are hot and heavy. Of course, you do want to be sure no one is going to overhear things.


Keep in mind that your partner might feel he or she is not doing something right if you want to add in toys. Make sure you explain that everything is great, and talk about the things he or she does that drives you crazy in bed. Then, you can talk about making some changes, ask what he or she would change or add. Be prepared to really listen and make gentle suggestions. You might be surprised to learn that your partner has some pretty wild ideas.


No matter what your partner says, be sure you understand what his or her comfort level is, and find your own too. You may need to try a few dildos or other toys alone to see how they make you feel and if you are comfortable with them or not. You do not want to put any pressure on your partner or yourself.

Using sex toys, such as from Bumpin' Uglies, or doing some roleplay should add to your intimacies. Just being able to talk about these things with your partner can add trust and a new-found level of comfortableness to the relationship. Start slowly, consider what it is you would like to do and why, and then talk about it. Once things get out in the open it should be easier to express other desires and fantasies.