Adventure Seekers: Ways To Chronicle Your Hiking Trips With Collector's Coins

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Adventure Seekers: Ways To Chronicle Your Hiking Trips With Collector's Coins

24 August 2016
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Hiking trips are an ideal way to explore nature, get exercise, and build lasting memories for multiple years to come. When people hike in new locations, they often love to mark the occasion with a variety of different souvenirs and keepsakes. As you visit multiple locations, it's easy for these items to accumulate and take up a lot of space. If you're looking for something small to collect, then consider starting a small coin collection to chronicle your various hiking journeys. There are many ways to capture your hiking trips through a number of collector's coins. Browse through these different ideas to see how you can start your own collection.

State Park Coins

After the success of the state coin program, the United States treasury developed a new coin collection officially known as the America the Beautiful quarters. Started in 2010, these quarters each feature a different national park design on the back. Eventually, a quarter for each state will be released that showcases the different national parks. If you hike in any national parks, then these quarters are great ways to showcase the different travels that you've taken. The detailed designs of the quarter may show actual areas where you have visited during your hike. When purchasing these quarters, you can have them placed in a special coin collector's display.

International Coins

Your hiking travels may not just be limited to the United States. If you've traveled around the globe, then there are multiple ways to chronicle your international travels. Many coin dealers offer international coins from different countries. You can create a display collection that represents each country or region you have visited. You may even find coins featuring nature and designs dedicated to your hiking adventures. For example, in 2013, the Republic of Palau released a special Mount Everest coin to commemorate the first time the mountain was climbed. The detailed coin features an image of Mount Everest and the two hikers who scaled the mountain. If you've climbed on Mount Everest, this is a great coin to add to your collection. Many other mountains from around the globe have been depicted on coins. A coin dealer can help you locate these pieces and help you add them to your collection.

Annual Coins

Along with the coin design, you may also consider purchasing special coins that were released on the specific years when you visited. For example, if you've hiked at Yellowstone National Park, then there are multiple coins that have been released through the years. In 2010, the park received its America the Beautiful coin, but there have also been other coin released. In 1999, there was a commemorative one dollar coin released for Yellowstone national park. The coin features geysers bursting into the sky. In 2016, another Yellowstone National Park coin was released to celebrate 100 years of the National Park Service. If you have visited during any of these years, then the coin can represent your visit and the exact year that you were at the location.

Even if the coins do not feature national parks, you can easily find the different years you traveled to various areas and regions. For example, if you hiked through Canadian mountains in 2014, then you can purchase a number of 2014 Canadian coins that are local to that area. The coins can be placed together in a nice display that represents your hiking travels. A coin dealer can help you research coins from all around the world and showcase different years that are available. This will help you select a coin that truly represents your hiking journeys.

If you travel with a hiking friends, these coins also make ideal gifts and can help you both start a collection together. Check out a coin dealer like American Precious Metals Inc for more information.