Painting It Pretty: Fun Ideas For Your Birdhouse

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Painting It Pretty: Fun Ideas For Your Birdhouse

21 July 2015
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Painting a birdhouse can be a fun way to personalize it and make it unique.  You can paint a fantastic birdhouse that is both beautiful and practical for the birds.  There are endless ways to make your birdhouse just as fun to look at as the birds that live there.

Paint It Safely

Latex paint is safe for use on birdhouses with the final step of adding a polyurethane sealant to protect the paint.  Exterior latex paint is safe because it's water-soluble.  Another option is to use acrylic craft paints which are also water-based.  They often come in large packs with a variety of colors.  The temptation will be to use bright colors to decorate your birdhouse.  Be careful and choose colors of paint that won't attract predators.  It's best to use colors found in the natural environment where the birdhouse is hanging.  If the birdhouse is in a garden with bright decorations and flowers, it's safe to use brighter colors and decorations on your birdhouse because it will blend with its surroundings.

Paint To Inspire

Since your birdhouse is likely a green, grey, brown or other natural color, make it special by using letter stencils to paint a word or saying onto your birdhouse.  Use for inspiration, or come up with your own expression.  Adding a single word or a bird quote to your birdhouse makes it truly unique and special. 

Paint to Express

Stencils are available in almost any design and adding one or many to your birdhouse can make it stand out even in natural colors.  Here are some ideas for stencil designs:

  • paint on bird designs all over your birdhouse
  • if you live near the beach, add a lighthouse, sand dollar or starfish stencil
  • paint on designs in relation to another hobby of yours
  • use a patterned stencil and decorate the edges of the birdhouse

Paint To Make It Pop

Remember, even if your birdhouse is green, you can paint using a variety of green colors.  If you paint the birdhouse a light green, you can use a darker green to paint your designs or lettering.  Using light and dark colors creates a nice contrast but it also allows your creativity to shine.  In the same vein, if you use a dark color on your greenhouse, use a lighter color for your designs.  You can also vary the size of your designs.  You can make designs large or small, to match the size of your birdhouse. 

Have fun painting your birdhouse.  Make it safe, paint to inspire and express, and make it pop!