Thigh Highs That Can Be Added To Your Holiday Work Wardrobe

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Thigh Highs That Can Be Added To Your Holiday Work Wardrobe

23 September 2020
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A romper, a mini skirt, or a pair of shorts may be part of the attire that you have been informed to wear this holiday season while inside of the department store that you work in. One way to add a festive touch to your required uniform is by pairing it with some striped thigh high socks. In addition to showing off your holiday spirit, you will be keeping your legs warm throughout each shift.

Socks That Will Give You Confidence

If you find pantyhose to be cumbersome to wear and you often snag your nylons on sharp objects, you may feel apprehensive about purchasing more nylons to wear with clothing that will expose your legs. Leaving your legs bare will not seem too professional and if you have any blemishes on your skin, the thought of baring your skin for the public to see could be intimidating.

Cotton or spandex thigh high socks that contain a striped pattern will neatly cover your legs, plus add a splash of color to your mandated business attire. Thigh high socks are stretchy and a reinforced band of fabric that runs along the upper edge of a sock will expand when each sock is pulled up and contract once the band is resting against your upper leg. The elasticity will ensure that each sock remains in place while you are walking or bending over.

The Ability To Change Your Look

If you are required to wear a dark red shirt and gold skirt or shorts, purchase thigh high socks that contain dual colors that are similar to your workwear or incorporate the required work colors into the color scheme. This promotes a bright and cheerful vibe. On days that you would like to tone down your look, wear a pair of socks that contain muted or neutral colored stripes.

On occasions in which you will be interacting a lot with holiday shoppers or performing visual presentations on the department floor, opt for a pair of thigh high socks that contain bold colors that pertain to the products or services that you are promoting.

Handwash each of your pairs of socks, unless the manufacturer of the garments has deemed the foot and legwear suitable for laundering sessions in a standard washing machine. If you choose to purchase thick socks that contain embellishments, use a lint brush to remove visible hair or fuzz that is on the leg of each sock.