On The Go, Not Too Slow: Summer Shoes That Are Perfect For Busy Moms

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On The Go, Not Too Slow: Summer Shoes That Are Perfect For Busy Moms

28 July 2018
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Once summer rolls around, it can just get way too hot to put on socks and tennis shoes to go play with the little ones outside, whether in your own yard or at the park. When it comes to chasing down little ones, running errands, or just trying to corral more kids than you have hands to deal with, sneakers (or on the other end of the spectrum, cheap flip-flops) might seem like your only viable shoe choice.

There are more stylish (and cooler) alternatives to keeping your feet wrapped up all summer, however. So if you're looking for a few ideas for summer shoes that are perfect for the busy mom on the go, then here's what you need to know.


Wedges: the hero of every mom who wants something comfortable that they can sprint after their kids in during a playground emergency while still looking classy and put-together. Wedges offer both height and support, making them the perfect all-around summer sandal. If you're looking to bring home the "summer" vibe even more, consider wedges made out of natural materials like cork, which will blend in to hippie-chic and boho looks better than any footwear out there. Check out a company like Good Choice Shoes for more information on wedge sandals.


Have you always wanted to rock Roman-chic without having to leave your hometown? Then gladiator sandals are for you. As their name would suggest, gladiator sandals are modeled after the old Roman style, but are generally a bit more bedazzled than their ancient counterparts. They're open to the air while still giving you a solid footbed, making them a great choice for afternoon walks or trips down to the snow-cone shack.


They're not quite as strappy as gladiator sandals, but these summer staples can be just as chic. Slip-on shoes look like tennis shoes without laces, but they're a lot easier to take on and off and, because they don't hug your feet as closely nor do they require socks, they're a lot cooler. Go for a slip-on with a dark footbed to prevent icky footprints in your new shoes, and you should be ready for anything summer can throw at you.

Remember, the best summer shoe is the one that you feel comfortable in — but you should also remember that there's more to summer footwear than beachy flip-flops or the athletic shoes you wear the rest of the year. This summer, have fun exploring parks and playgrounds with your kids — and exploring some new footwear options for yourself.