Four Great Gifts For The Doomsday Prepper In Your Life

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Four Great Gifts For The Doomsday Prepper In Your Life

27 October 2017
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Do you have a friend or family member who seems obsessed with prepping for doomsday or the end of times? Whether or not you agree with their predictions and fears, you may want to take this interest into account when buying such a person a gift. Here are some great gifts for the doomsday prepper in your life:

A Doomsday Prep Book

Doomsday preppers often love learning more about their interest, just like someone who golfs likes to learn about golf or equestrians like learning more about horses. There are a lot of books out there that take different approaches to doomsday and prepping for the end of times. Try to find one that suggests a slightly different approach than your friend seems to be taking. For example, if they seem to be focused on the possibility of nuclear winter, buy them a more Biblical doomsday prep book. This will help them expand their horizons while still being or interest.

Storage Containers

Most preppers are very focused on storing items for a time they might need them. But the containers that items like flour and oats come in are not usually practical for long-term storage. Give the prepper in your life a large box of mason jars or similar glass containers, and they're sure to appreciate them. You may also want to give them some sticky labels so they can keep their stored supplies organized.

A Water Tank

If your favorite prepper does not already have a water tank, this could be a great gift. It will keep them from having to hoard endless bottles of water from the grocery store. Look for a sanitary tank that they can fill, seal, and keep for months on end. There are water tanks sold just for prepping scenarios, and one of these is probably your best bet since you know it's made for long-term use.

A Huge Supply Of Some Essential Food Item

One of the biggest expenses associated with prepping is the food. Five years' supply of flour, canned fruit, or oats is not cheap! The next time you see your friend, strike up a conversation about the food items that have already collected. Then, purchase them a huge supply of an item they don't already have as a gift. Any dry good that needs minimal prep and can be used in multiple ways is a good bet. Pasta, rice, and quinoa are all good choices. You could also buy a lot of canned veggies and fruit.