3 Gift Ideas For The New Firearms Enthusiast In Your Life

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3 Gift Ideas For The New Firearms Enthusiast In Your Life

6 October 2017
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Now that your loved one has decided to take up a firearms hobby, there is likely a long list of accessories and tools that they could use to enhance their hobby experience. Here are a few must-have gift ideas that the new firearms enthusiast in your life is sure to appreciate:

A Gun Cleaning Kit

Every firearms owner needs a cleaning kit to keep their gear in good shape and to ensure proper functioning when in use. Most cleaning kits typically come with all the essentials, but many include extra features to enjoy. Gift your loved one with a gun cleaning kit that includes the must-haves plus accessories such as:

  • Bronze bore brushes

  • cleaning patches

  • obstruction removal tools

  • precision tools for cleaning

  • optics cleaning accessories

The cleaning kit should accommodate many types of firearms such as rifles, pistols, and shotguns. It should also be compact so it can be taken along during travel.

A Portable Safe

It's important that your loved one has a safe to rely on when their firearms aren't in use, as it will protect people within the household that they're stored in, and will minimize the chance of theft. Portable safes are a great option because they can be moved to a closet or other safe place where kids can't easily find it. And if the safe is found, the lock will ensure that nobody can get into it and access the firearms.

Portable safes can also be kept in vehicles, which should make it easy for your loved one to safely transport their firearms to the forest for hunting or to a shooting range for some practice. Gifting your loved one with a portable safe will provide both convenience and safety that your loved one can appreciate as time goes on.

A Custom Conceal Carry Holster

One of the most important accessories your loved one should have is a concealed carry holsters, as this will allow them to carry their firearm safely and effectively. Holsters are designed to allow safe storage so that the guns inside them can't be accidentally fired, but they're also designed to allow for easy access in case of an emergency or defense situation.

Consider gifting your loved one with a custom concealed carry holster that they'll feel good about carrying around. Many brands such as Kydex offer quality product options that are tested for safety and hold up well to wear and tear. Have your loved one's favorite sports team printed on their custom holster, or have their name engraved on it. The customization options are almost limitless. Contact a dealer, like PJ  Holster LLC, for more help.