Set Up A Spot On Your Screened-In Porch To Relax After A Hectic Day

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Set Up A Spot On Your Screened-In Porch To Relax After A Hectic Day

24 June 2017
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If you work long shifts and come home needing respite, set up a spot on your screened-in porch to relax after a hectic day by utilizing the following tips. A tranquil area and unique accessories will help reduce tension and refresh your mind and spirit so that you are ready to face the world again in a positive frame of mind.

Lounge Area With Subtle Lighting

After removing furnishings and personal possessions from one corner of the porch, add a beanbag lounger and a couple reclining chairs to the area. Place a coffee table in front of the ensemble of furniture. Install lamps that require LED bulbs on opposite ends of the table. If you would like to provide the relaxation area with a decorative appeal, hang a string of holiday lights across the top of the porch. While spending time on the porch, the soft lighting will provide plenty of visibility without the need to strain your eyes. 

Audio Recordings Of Nature And Soothing Eye Mask

Purchase audio recordings of nature from a music or specialty shop. Before making a purchase, ask if you could sample the sounds so that you purchase recordings that are reminiscent of a place that you consider relaxing and peaceful, such as a beach or forest. Install a portable stereo system on the porch and connect speakers to the main unit. Place the speakers near the furniture so that you will be able to clearly hear the recordings without needing to turn the stereo's volume all the way up.

Buy a gel eye mask and place it inside of your freezer for a few minutes before retreating to the screened-in-porch. Once out on the porch, put on the eye mask and lay back on one of the pieces of furniture while listening to the sounds of nature and enjoying the cool, tingling sensation that the mask provides you with. 

Glow Pipe, Mini Coffee Maker, And Personalized Mug

Purchase a glow pipe that is constructed of thick glass. Glow pipes are handcrafted and you can buy one that is the shape of an animal, person, or household object. Otherwise, you can purchase one that is a basic shape. A pipe can have an inscription added to it to provide the instrument with a personalized appearance. Glow pipes can be used to smoke tobacco or herbal blends. Before relaxing on the porch, place the pipe underneath a light for several minutes. Once you head to the porch, the pipe will glow, even if you opt to turn off lighting that is on the porch. For more information, contact a company like Glowpipes.

Place a mini coffee maker on the table and plug the appliance in. Set a personalized mug next to the coffee maker so that you can pour a cup of your favorite brew once the coffee maker has finished preparing a pot of coffee.